They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. Owning a dog is a truly special relationship because of the connection your furry friend has to you. They’re always happy to see you, lift your spirits when you’re feeling down and are always there by your side. A dog-friendly life is really the only life worth having, if you ask us.

That’s one of the main reasons we here at Backyard in Dallas started our dog-friendly restaurant and bar. There are simply too many places you and your furry best friend can’t go together, which is just a shame. At Backyard, we created an environment perfect for you and your dog to love and enjoy together, complete with everything you’d look for in a great restaurant and everything your pup needs to experience a thrilling time out with their trusted owner!

Our dog-friendly restaurant is a great place to stop by when you’re hanging out with your dog, but what are other ways you can create a perfect day with your dog? Today, we’ve put together some ideas for you to consider in order to experience a fun, healthy and stimulating day for both you and your pup!

Go For a Walk or Run

This is a fun and healthy dog-friendly activity for both your dog and yourself! Going for a run or walk (depending on the level of energy you’re willing to exert) is a great way to get some exercise for your dog, let them explore their surroundings and work off some pent up energy. Just remember, this walk or run is for your dog, so let them stop and sniff around or investigate the path!

Take Your Dog Hiking

If you’re looking to get outside Dallas and bond with your dog in the outdoors, a hike is a dog-friendly way to work some quality bonding time with your puppy. A hike allows your dog to connect to his roots and experience new things. Just make sure to pack the necessary items like water, poop bags and a first-aid kit and check your dog for ticks afterward!

Go to the Beach

Another dog-friendly activity, if you have the time to spare for a weekend, is to drive out to the beach when the weather is nice. Your dog will love to romp around in the sand and surf and soak up a day unlike anything they’ve likely experienced before! Just make sure to keep them cool and hydrated and ensure they stay in areas of water that are safe. And no drinking ocean water!

Make a Trip to the Dog Park

Dog parks are a great place to take your pup, not only for exercise and fun but to help them learn to socialize with other dogs! These parks are intended to be dog-friendly (duh!), so it’s a safe and controlled environment for them to explore and make their own fun with puppies of all shapes and sizes. You might even make some new friends and set up future playdates for your dogs. Plus, you can recommend your new friends take their pets to our dog-friendly restaurant here in Dallas!

Have a Game of Fetch

This is a timeless classic dog-friendly activity because it never goes out of style with your furry friend! Playing fetch is a great game for you and your dog to spend time together and work on communication and following commands. Figure out if your dog prefers a tennis ball or frisbee and have at it!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Dogs are like kids — they love to learn new skills! Teaching your dog new tricks and commands engages their mind and can go a long way to both their behavioral development as well as their bond with you. Dogs listen because they respect your authority as the leader and teaching your dog reinforces this understanding. Start with the basics when they’re puppies and graduate to more advanced skills when they get older to keep their minds active such as playing dead, rolling over or shaking hands.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Restaurant or Bar

An awesome way to cap off an already incredible day and make it perfect is by stopping by Backyard, a dog-friendly restaurant and bar right here in Dallas! We are the only place you can find an environment catered to both you and your dog! Our dog-friendly bar is complete with outdoor games for humans and fur babies alike, not to mention a menu of gourmet food, great drinks and all at affordable prices. The Backyard is a place you want to hang and your pup looks forward to visiting because it’s one of the few places you’re BOTH welcome!

Contact Us Today!

Backyard creates an amazing, laid-back atmosphere where you and your dog can come and just relax. Our menu features a wide variety of gourmet food from appetizers, burgers and salads to brunch items! We serve up daily specials all week long, so make sure to stop by often and check out what’s cookin’ and enjoy our happy hour from 3-7 p.m. for $3 drafts, $5 well cocktails and $7 frozen and craft cocktails.

And since somebody brought up drinks (wink, wink), let’s talk real quick about our full dog-friendly bar’s selection. We have a comprehensive list of wines, draft beers, specialty cocktails and more! If you’re looking to host a special or private event, we gladly accommodate you as well. Corporate and event booking is easy and you receive the VIP treatment with more than 12,500 square feet of space, a full kitchen and catering, customizable TVs and a state-of-the-art light and sound system!

To learn more about Backyard, contact us today or come by and check out our dog-friendly restaurant for yourself. Just make sure your dog comes along!