Way back — say 35 dog-years or so ago — when we first started conceptualizing Backyard and all it had to provide our patrons, we kicked around several ideas about what would make a great local sports bar even greater. The answer (like in much of life) were doggies!

And where are dogs more comfortable than in their own backyard? So, not to take away anything from our bipedal friends, but we felt compelled to create a space where dogs could feel as welcome as humans. And we’re pretty proud of what we came up with here at our dog-friendly restaurant and bar.

With loads of comfortable seating, a great selection of craft beers on tap and more drool-worthy food options than you can fetch in one sitting, the atmosphere at Backyard is just what you and your furry friend need.

With Very Important Pup (VIP) specials and private events available, we strive to make you and your two- or four-legged friends as comfortable and welcome as possible. With a bushel-full of HD big-screen TVs, bar games, picnic tables and staff of the region’s friendliest, dog-lovin’, service-centric, pint-fillin’ specialists, Backyard has just got to be your and your dog’s home away from home.

Unleash yourself from the average bar and grill experience and come play with us at our dog-friendly bar and restaurant today!

Please note, for the sake of their safety, we are not able to allow dogs to accompany their humans any night after 9 p.m. The same goes for children on the weekends. Your understanding and flexibility are appreciated. Thanks!

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